WORX WG250 18v Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

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A well-kept and beautifully manicured garden is greatly accentuated by a neatly trimmed hedge. That is one of the reasons why you should get the WORX WG250 18v Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer. Click here to buy from Amazon at a 35% discount Now!

This battery-powered tool is light weight enough and ensures that you get the job done in the shortest possible time. The battery power feature is a wonderful selling point since it is an indication of green energy where emissions are eliminated. The clean environment crusaders will love this tool at least for this feature.

WORX WG250 Electric Hedge Trimmer Features

The WORX hedge trimmer comes complete with an 18-volt battery pack and charger. The 20-inch blade is protected in storage by a full length shield to make sure that your tool lasts as long as possible. This same blade is dual action to reduce vibration and ensure a smooth trim all the time. One of the best features of this tool is that it is cordless and this reduces the cumbersomeness of having to drag a cord along all the time. You, therefore have more time to reach every stem and branch that needs your attention.

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You can safely store your WORX WG250 18v cordless electric hedge trimmer out of the way using the included wall mount. The battery also charges for just an hour and this gives you a full hedge trim and then some. Also included in the package is a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty. This tool is compatible with other WORX PowerShare tools, so you can get several jobs done with the same battery charge.

WORX WG250 Hedge Trimmer Review

Most of the reviewers of the WORX WG250 hedge trimmer are happy that they made the best buy ever. Out of the 50 reviews on Amazon.com, 21 gave 5-star rating while 17 gave 4-star rating. This shows the level of confidence that customers have with this product. The fact that it is cordless gives you flexibility of movement without worrying about the attached cables. The electric feature is a huge plus for this trimmer since the user is not disturbed by gasoline fumes as is the case with other traditional gas-powered trimmers. Click here to read these reviews.

One negative review is concerned about the battery charging aspect WORX 18v cordless hedge trimmer. If you are working on a hedge and the battery went dead you cannot charge it immediately. If you connect it to the charger it will show the green light as if it was fully charged. What you do is let the battery cool down and when you then connect it, it will indicate the red light for charging.

The WORX WG250 18v cordless electric hedge trimmer weighs less than 7 pounds and this lets you use it for a longer period without getting worn out by the weight. The same fact makes it easy to use due to flexibility of movement. These two facts are reason enough to get this trimmer as you will save money and time. Money, due to the bargain price and time because you will work on a large portion for a shorter period of time. Click here to SAVE $51.98 for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Luciana June 13th, 2012 (#)

Review by Richard P. Willard for Rating: I bought the WorxGT 151i string trimmer for two reasons: (1) I got completely fed up with my existing gas/oil 2-cycle string trimmer. It always seems to ooze the gas/oil mixture which invariably got on my shirt. It was occasionally difficult to start,. It required me to bump the trimmer on a hard surface to advance the line which was always an issue when trimming along the fence line in my backyard as I had to go back to the patio to tap it. My 2-cycle trimmer is a well-known, highly rated brand and all of these issues are common to 2-cycle machines. And (2) I wanted a greener solution to string trimming. My existing 2-cycle trimmer put out a lot of exhaust smoke into the air which I was never happy about, particularly in terms of not wanting to breathe it. The WorxGT solved all of these issues. It is relatively green by using a Lithium Ion battery for power. To advance the line you only need turn the machine off and back on and the line advances automatically to the correct length. No more spools to wind either. When the spool runs out you merely put in a new one (about $1 each from the WorkGT website). Is the WorxGT as powerful as my 2-cycle trimmer no, but it is more than adequate to meet my trimming needs. It has many good features, including a guard you can use to run the trimmer along fences or flowerbeds to protect them from damage. It’s very lightweight and easy to hold and use. The trimming head has a number of positions available for whatever angle you need. The handle is also adjustable as is the length of the machine. It performs nicely as an edger too. Just tilt the head 90 degrees and roll it along the built-in wheels. I used it in the edger mode to sharpen up the edges on my mulch beds and it did a nice job. Is the WorkGT capable of being used by commercial landscapers every day? No, not in my opinion. Though well-made it probably is not made for such heavy use. Nor is it good for anyone who needs to string trim large thick grassy areas that haven’t been mowed in months. But I am very satisfied with it and I think it is a great option for the average homeowner. My property is about 1/3 of an acre and the lithium ion battery has plenty of life on a single charge to handle that size. So far I have used the trimmer three times after the initial charge without recharging it and it is still going strong (just wanted to see how long it would last on a single charge).

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