Black & Decker NHT518 18v Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

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The Black & Decker NHT518 18v cordless electric hedge trimmer allows you to easily trim hedges and bushes without having to care about winding cords.

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If you have had enough of winding cords and plugs that come out of their sockets, the Black & Decker nht518 trimmer is the product for you. This unique product allows you to easily trim the shrubs, hedges and bushes in your garden. This black & decker nht518 is an electric trimmer that combines convenience of the cordless operation with the long-lasting power that is present in the 18 volts NiCad battery for a better and reliable performance. This black & decker hedge trimmer also comes with a battery charger that allows you to reuse the battery again and again to your heart’s content.

Black & Decker NHT518 18v Cordless Trimmer Features & Specifications

  • Ideal for trimming hedges, bushes and shrubs
  • Trims up to 1,200 square feet on just one charge
  • Pre-hardened, machined-steel, dual action blades
  • Includes charger, 18-volt NiCad battery and blade cover
  • Weighs 6.4 pounds and  2-year warranty

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This Black & Decker NHT518 electric hedge trimmer can easily trim up to 1,200 feet of hedge before it tells you that the battery needs recharging. The blades of this black & decker trimmer are made from pre-hardened, machined-steel and the blades feature dual action. These features allows this product’s blades to be durable and without excessive vibration.

The extended blade of the black & decker cordless trimmer measures up to 22 inches that is excellent for level cuts. The shearing blade of this product can easily cut through branches that have a diameter of ¾ inch. This allows you to go about your gardening without any unnecessary interruptions. Black & Decker have always tried to give their customers the best high quality products in the market and this product is no different. This Black & Decker NHT518 hedge trimmer features a durable plastic body that guards this product against wear and tear. This product is also safe to use as it features a lock-off switch that helps in preventing any unnecessary or unintended startup of the machine.

Black & Decker NHT518 Review

While doing my research on the Black & Decker NHT518 18v cordless electric hedge trimmer I found a lot of customer reviews. On alone, I found 121 customer reviews. Many of the customer reviews have given five stars to this product and the average rating of this product is of four and a half stars. More than half of the customer reviews have praised the design of the product and have commented that the light weight of this black & decker hedge trimmer help in maneuvering the product in any direction you want to when you work in your garden or lawn. Many of the reviewers say that when compared to the other trimmers in the market that are available at the same price, the black & decker 18v trimmer surpasses them all. Click here to read more reviews.

One of the reviewers has complained about the battery timing and says that it runs out quickly. The reviewer said that after ten charges the battery dies out and thus, couldn’t be recharged. This problem can be solved by properly maintaining the battery as instructed in the manual or by ordering a replacement.

In the end, after what I have read about the Black & Decker NHT518 18v cordless electric hedge trimmer I would recommend this product to all of you who are looking for an easy to use and reliable garden trimmer.  Click here to SAVE $40 on the Black & Decker NHT518 cordless trimmer for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Gloria June 13th, 2012 (#)

replacement spool for GH1000 out of 5 stars.I had a Grass Hog 600. It broke 4 times during the 2 yr warranty and used .065 line which is small. I got a good deal on a Grass Hog 1000 because next time the GH600 broke it was out of warranty and history. The GH10000 is a far superior product in reliability, and cutting ability. It uses .080 line which is heavier for more cutting ability of larger weeds but it is wound in 2 parts and so unlike the GH600, it is really difficult for me to wind the spools using bulk line. The picture accompanying this item is incorrect. It shows a different spool. These spools are genuine B D , Black spool with Green line. These are a good buy especially if you get several at a time to offset shipping cost.

Pal June 16th, 2012 (#)

Easy to load, be cautious of bumping throughout of 5 stars. This spool is a snap to replace. Since it is designed for non-bump models of trimmers you do have to be cautious of accidentally bumping the bottom on the ground. If used right you will be thankful for not having to deal with spring loaded spool replacements older bump models had.

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