Black & Decker HT018 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

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If you want nicely trimmed hedges and shrubs in your garden then the Black & Decker HT018 electric hedge trimmer is the product for you.

This Black & Decker hedge trimmer can be bought through I couldn’t find a better price anywhere else. Click here to check it out.

Black & Decker has always tried their level best to provide their customers with gardening machines that allow them to easily give their gardens the perfect look that they have always envisioned it to have. Through the black & decker ht018 hedge trimmer you are able to do the same and give your garden the perfect and neat look you have always dreamed of.

Black & Decker HT018 Hedge Trimmer Features

The power that this black & decker ht018 trimmer has along with the blades allows you to easily cut through branches that are up to 5/8 inches in diameter. The motor in featured in this product is a 3.0 Amp motor that delivers 3,400 strokes per minute. This kind of power is enough to allow you to go about your gardening work without any complications or hindrances.

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The HT018 electric hedge trimmer also features 18-inch dual action blades. These blades when coupled with the high performance motor in this product makes cutting through unnecessary hedges and shrubs in the garden easy. These blades are durable as they have been crafted from pre-hardened steel that is rust resistant. This means that your blades will be safe and ready for use even if you take them out from the storage after a long time.

Using the HT018 hedge trimmer is also easy. This trimmer as an anti-vibration system that greatly minimizes the vibrations for this trimmer and thus, you can do your work with ease. It also has a three-sided comfort handle that makes maneuvering this product easy. There is also a lock-on switch. This feature means that you don’t have to hold down a trigger when you are doing a gardening job that will take a longer time.

There is also a lock-switch that prevents any unnecessary startups and a cord-retention feature that makes sure that the extension cord doesn’t come off from the socket as you work. Being electric, the Black & Decker HT018 ensures that you don’t have to worry about recharging batteries, fumes or pull start mechanisms. The HT018 hedge cutter only weighs 4.9 pounds and so your body doesn’t feel fatigued when you use it. This product also comes with a two year warranty.

Black & Decker HT018 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

During my research regarding the Black & Decker HT018 electric hedge trimmer I came across a lot of positive reviews. Black & Decker have once again given their customers a product that delivers what it promises. I found 47 customer reviews on alone and the average rating of this product on the website is four and a half stars. All of the reviewers have praised the fact that this product provides them with the necessary power that they require while working in their gardens. The light weight and the design of the product have also been praised. Click here to read these reviews.

There was only one negative customer review that I could find. In the said review one of the customers has complained that the motor stopped working after a few weeks. This single review is nothing compared to the positive reviews in which people have praised the performance of this product.

In conclusion I would like to recommend the Black & Decker HT018 electric hedge trimmer to every gardener who wants to make their gardens look perfect. Click here to check it out.

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